M.Sc. in Sociology

Compulsory University Courses


Alpha Semester



Course Code Course Title Units
TMC811 View|Goto Total Man Concept 1
EDS811 View|Goto Entrepreneurial Development 1

Compulsory Departmental Courses

Alpha Semester



Course Code Course Title Units
SaC811 View|Goto Sociological Theory 3
SaC812 View|Goto Research Methods in the Behavioural Sciences 3
Electives ( 9 units)



SaC813 View|Goto Industrial Sociology 3
SaC814 View|Goto Sociology of Deviant Behaviour 3
SaC815 View|Goto Sociology of Development 3
SaC816 View|Goto Urban Sociology 3
SaC817 View|Goto Population and Development 3
    Sub-Total 17
Omega Semester



Compulsory Departmental Courses  
SOC821 View |Goto Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences 3

SaC828 View |Goto Research Project 6
Electives ( 12 units)


SOC822 View |Goto Criminology 3
SOC823 View |Goto Gender and Development 3
SOC824 View |Goto Sociology of Education 3
SOC825 View |Goto Medical Sociology 3
SOC826 View |Goto Political Sociology 3
SOC827 View |Goto Society, Industry and Development 3
  Sub-Total 21
  Total 38

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