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The founding fathers of Sociology, at the time of their writings, were concerned with finding solutions to the problems of their societies. Auguste Comte (1798-1857), for example, showed concern for the social crises and political upheavals which pervaded the French society during his time. He was, therefore, pre-occupied with attempting to develop a discipline which would adopt the methods used in the natural sciences in the study of society.  This science of society (Sociology) was to use systematic methods of empirical investigation, theoretical thinking and logical assessment of argument to develop bodies of knowledge about particular subject matters in society. Using these scientific methods, Sociology studies human behaviour, the patterns of interaction and relations in a social context. The essence is to be able to interrogate social phenomena, understand societal problems and proffer solutions to them, based on knowledge gained and using the sociological imagination.

Here, at Covenant University, we are set to produce sociologists who are expert thinkers and able to use their theoretical and empirical knowledge of societal events and of social phenomena in providing solutions to the social problems in Nigeria and Africa. These problems include: poverty, crime, unemployment, juvenile delinquency, urban congestion and the development of slums, rapid population growth rate, social deprivation, health problems including those of HIV/AIDS, to mention but a few.
Sociology started as a Programme in October 2002 under the former College of Human Development. The Department of Sociology was subsequently created in 2013 to raise a new generation of leaders who are equipped with sociological knowledge by which practical solutions could be proffered to the myriad of problems, thereby restoring the dignity of the Nigerian and that of the black man in general.



The Department’s Mission is to provide qualitative education through quality teaching and learning methods that will inculcate in our students the capacity to engage in integrated life-applicable and life-transforming research targeted at solving such societal problems as poverty and hunger; unemployment; illiteracy; gender inequality; high infant, child and maternal mortality as well as reproductive health challenges including HIV/AIDS. This is with the aim of improving the quality of life of the average Nigerian and that of the black man in general.


The Philosophy of the Sociology Programme is anchored on the imperative of transforming the Third World into an independent entity both in knowledge acquisition and its application. This transformative role is only attainable by placing Sociology in the context of and applying it to those conditions militating against the development of the region as opposed to the armchair theorizing of the discipline in the West. The Programme is, therefore, structured to provide an in-depth and holistic insight into the understanding of human interactions and behaviour patterns, which cut across all spheres of society. This is with the hope of producing a crop of graduates equipped with appropriate knowledge to make their contribution to the development of Nigeria, Africa and the global community. It is to address leadership challenges and development issues such as diversification of the economy based on the principle of comparative advantage, self-reliance, industrialization, anchored on education and technological innovativeness. A new society envisioned whose hallmark includes political freedom, guaranteed human rights and self-respect that will not only ensure the satisfaction of people’s basic needs but also recognize people as the agents, means and ends of development.


The objectives of the Programme are to:
1. ensure that students are developed to have a sound scientific research base and theoretical foundation to be able to develop social policies to move society forward;
2. provide the basis for a better understanding and interpretation of human social life and events around us;
3. sensitize and develop in the students a disciplined intellectual quest for knowledge that would change and accelerate the pace of growth and development of the society;
4. Relate all its studies and activities to the social, cultural, political and economic needs of the people of Nigeria;
5. ensure that students are mentally productive, leading to self-reliance and the development of potentials;
6. demonstrate an understanding of the historical origin and development of Sociology and the role it plays in addressing issues of societal development;
7. demonstrate an understanding of the theories and models of Sociology and an appreciation of the strengths and limitations of these models in the development of the society at large;  and
8. provide models that will clarify the underlying nature of social problems, their dimensions and how best to remedy them.

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