Ph.D. in Sociology

Compulsory University Courses
Alpha Semester
Course Code Course Title Units
TMC911|Goto Total Man Concept 1
EDS911|Goto Entrepreneurial Development 1
Compulsory Departmental Courses
SOC911 View|Goto Special Topics in Sociological Theory 3
SOC912 View|Goto Advanced Research Methods in the Behavioural Sciences 3
Electives (6 units)
SOC913 View|Goto Special Topics in Criminology 3
SOC914 View|Goto Special Topics in Gender and Development 3
SOC915 View|Goto Special Topics in Sociology of Education 3
SOC916 View|Goto Special Topics in Political Sociology   3
SOC917 View|Goto Special Topics in Industrial Sociology 3
SOC918 View|Goto Key issues in Sociology of Development 3
SOC919 View|Goto Special Topics in Population and Development 3
SOC920 View|Goto Key issues in Medical Sociology 3
Total 14