The objectives of the Programme are to:

  1. ensure that students are developed to have a sound scientific research base and theoretical foundation to be able to develop social policies to move society forward;
  2. provide the basis for a better understanding and interpretation of human social life and events around us;
  3. sensitize and develop in the students a disciplined intellectual quest for knowledge that would change and accelerate the pace of growth and development of the society;
  4. Relate all its studies and activities to the social, cultural, political and economic needs of the people of Nigeria;
  5. ensure that students are mentally productive, leading to self-reliance and the development of potentials;
  6.  demonstrate an understanding of the historical origin and development of Sociology and the role it plays in addressing issues of societal development;
  7. vii. demonstrate an understanding of the theories and models of Sociology and an appreciation of the strengths and limitations of these models in the development of the society at large;  and
  8. viii  provide models that will clarify the underlying nature of social problems, their dimensions and how best to remedy them.